Can't compile using MSVC & IVF on windows (MSVS 14)


A requirement of a project I am working on is to statically link against CGNS on windows, including the Fortran interfaces.

I have tried to compile on Windows 10, using the CMake files and using the "Visual Studio 14 2015 Win64" generator. The C compiler is the default MSVC compiler, and the fortran compiler is Intel IVF 18.0.3.

I have tried setting the CMake configuration according to both the "Building on Windows" section of the FAQ, and the configure options being passed to CMake in the AppVeyor CI testing in the main CGNS repository.

I have downloaded the v3.3.1 release from the github releases page.

UPDATE: A work around has been identified

The work around is to explicitly set the linker language to C for `cgns_static`


Here is the external project definition and configuration that I am using:

I run CMake to configure and build the CGNS portion of the project (HDF5 was already installed, v1.10.3, from like this:


Izaak Beekman


Izaak Beekman

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